Blockchain: Igor Chugunov, CEO of Credits, in public lecture in Paris on February 1st

Blockchain: Igor Chugunov, CEO of Credits, in public lecture in Paris on February 1st
After raising more than 20 million dollars in early 2018, Credits Blockchain is organizing a conference in Paris on Friday, February 1st, 2019 at 18h at the Oceania Hotel (Porte de Versailles). Its president, Igor Chugunov, will present the latest developments in Credits technology, cases of everyday use and will address the general outlook of the cryptocurrency sector.

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The objective of Credits: improve the functionality of Bitcoin and Ethereum and allow the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies

Until now, the obstacles to the massive adoption of Blockchain technologies by businesses and the general public have been slow transactions (up to several minutes), scalability and high transaction costs.

Currently being patented and audited by Red4Sec, the Credits platform can support more than a million transactions per second with extremely low fees around $ 0.001, and at a speed of 0.1 seconds per transaction.

Based on a unique consensus protocol combining dPos and BFT, Credits also offers in its blockchain "smart contracts" developed in Java, a language well known to developers, and the ability to create APIs and Dapp.

The industries concerned and the fields of application of the Blockchain Credits are numerous: States, banking, automobile industry, transport, logistics, real estate, online gambling industry; loans, payments, voting systems, traceability of products, Internet of Things, retail sale, copyright protection, cadastres, loyalty programs, etc.

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