Welcome in Paris the 31st January

Welcome in Paris the 31st January

10 years ago, Blockchain technology was born with Bitcoin. It is now time to take stock of what has been achieved and to give a perspective of its future achievements!

The Paris Blockchain Summit event is the largest event of its kind in France. The event will bring together the world's leading players in the Blockchain ecosystem, including renowned influencers, investors, government officials, Blockchain developers, law firms and service providers.

"Paris Blockchain Summit" is a unique opportunity to connect international actors who want to promote the sector, generate concrete proposals, present technology implementations and hands-on training through dedicated workshops and keynotes.

ü Will the regulation slow down or favor the development of crypto assets?

ü Can Blockchain technology create a new form of democracy?

ü What is the future of Bitcoin after 10 years of existence?

ü Is the tokenization of assets the future of finance?

ü Can the standardization of Blockchain technology lead to adoption by industry?

ü What problems should be solved by public blockchain protocols to be adopted on a large scale?

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